Have you ever pondered “The Meaning of Life” ?


bronze buddhaHave you ever thought about the meaning of life? I often think about just why we humans were created and why we are here. Could it be just a random mix of coincidences with of sprinkling of trials and errors. Or perhaps we are not seeing the true picture. I remember my older sister asking me why I was here…(A rather innocuous question.) I told her: “I am here to bring peace to the world.” She thought I was being funny. I mean who am I? Just a nobody. It’s not like I’m Buddha-like in any respects. But I TRY !

I think we each have a mission in life. It is never obvious at the beginning, but with time, things become clear. If we each did our job of maintaining peace and harmony, then the world would be a happier place. It is not easy to keep the peace either. Bad people can get right up in our face, call us names, and abuse us. It isn’t easy to step back, and not over-react. People can be real creeps…

Not long ago I was in the grocery store, and a man in his 50’s was staring at the canned goods. I had to pass in front of his line of vision because it was a narrow isle. So I said: “Excuse me” in a polite way. He chose to go off on me. He yelled : “Excuuuuuse YOU!” Then he looked at me as if I had committed a heinous act. Well sheeeet, I ran away. I thought he was going to hit me. I could have told him to take a leap at a “Flying Donut”, but running away was the most peaceful thing to do. I told my husband there was a crazy man in the store, but I don’t think it phased him. Half the people in town either suffer from dementia or have “special needs”. Crazy people are a dime a dozen out here in the “Wilds of Arizona“.

My point is simple, it is hard to remain at peace when you are surrounded by idiots and crazies. If you can’t laugh about it, and then later “blow it off”, then life can be misery. Perhaps we have to wait for Peace. Mankind has to rise above the Neanderthal mentality and be gentler and kinder. Otherwise there can be no harmony. We should all start treating others the way WE want to be treated. It is the only way we can maintain our existence on this planet. It scares me when I think that so many people just DO NOT GET IT.


One thought on “Have you ever pondered “The Meaning of Life” ?

  1. “We should all start treating others the way WE want to be treated.”
    The above words are simple logic and if we lived by them. Would be a better world. Thank you for your blog. Filled with good and interesting information.

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