Question Everything


man thinking

It is healthy to approach life as a skeptic. Asking questions about a business deal, an investment or a new acquaintance is critical these days. Why? The more people are out of work, the less money there is. When there is very little money floating around, people come out of the woodwork to scam you. There is an old scam going around in the rural town I live in. People are told they have won a prize, they just have to send $1,000. to the “Prize People”and they get a prize worth $10,000. Sounds insane doesn’t it? Yet older people with dementia are sending out cash from their savings to these crooks. By the time the police catch up to the scammers, they have set up another P.O. address in another city.

I remember when I was in my twenties, I fell for a scam. It was one of the oldest ones in the book. A man came up to me in a mall and said he worked for a top modeling agency. (I looked up the name of the agency and they do exist.) So I went to their offices and had an interview. Hundreds of young girls were waiting to be seen. All we had to do was give them $500., and have photos taken by “THEIR” photographer, and work would soon come in the form of “Print Modeling” jobs. (In other words, magazines, advertisements and even commercials.) It sounded legit. So I plunked down the money and had photos taken. I never really got a thing except pictures, because there was no real agency. They just borrowed “Creative Artists” name or some other legitimate and licensed agency. I got about forty dollars of pictures, and NO jobs. In two weeks they skipped town with thousands of dollars from un-suspecting model wanna-bes. The thing was a total scam. When I called the photographer, and asked what had happened to the “Agency”, he told me he had been scammed too!

The best way to prevent a scam is mention that your best friend works for local law enforcement and wait for a reaction. If they get nervous, or get belligerent, then you have hit a nerve and they are trying to scam you. Call the local police if you even suspect a scam. People become victims and are so embarrassed by being “taken” that they never report it. This is grand larceny and it’s a FELONY. So if you suspect people are trying to scam you, call the “PO PO“. At the time it happened to me, I felt like such a jerk, that I kept silent.

The scam out now is so evil it scares me. If I had a daughter, I would be very nervous about this one. Some nefarious people have set up a FAKE Modeling Agency, and this time, instead of taking money, they are stealing young girls. I can only imagine that they are selling them on the Black Market like the plot to the movie “TAKEN”. Once these girls are taken over-seas to a foreign country, they are next to impossible to find. I think every teenager out there should be warned about this kind of scam. They should not trust anyone! If someone wants to take photos and you can’t bring a “friend” as back-up, most likely the photographer or agency is NOT a legitimate one. Ask questions. Get answers. Stay Alive. I hope anyone reading this can get the message out there. It doesn’t get enough press, and it could save lives. Besides, haven’t we heard enough about the debt ceiling and the bloody sequester? I know I have.


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