Working in an O.R.



Perhaps it was all those fake-ass doctor shows on TV, like Grey’s Anatomy, but I wanted to work in an operating room. So after working one year as a nurse on various surgical floors, I applied to go to O.R. school. When I got there, I thought the experience would be fun, stimulating and educational. No, no, and definitely no. In fact, it was the worst job I have ever had.

Here’s the thing. You are working with doctors, specifically surgeons. These guy and gals have huge egos. In their own little world, they can do no wrong. Cross them, and they will have you for lunch. They are evil and carnivorous. This is why many doctors, nurses and lay people don’t particularly like surgeons. They don’t act like Dr. Oz, ie., all “warm and fuzzy”. They are immature and belligerent.

Here’s a true story that happened to me, as I was working as a scrub nurse. I was doing fine, passing the appropriate instruments, and was in the “groove”, so to speak. Well, this TINY little man, Dr.C., suddenly blurts out:” You are NOT passing those instruments fast enough”. I was shocked by his outburst. Certainly he wasn’t referring to me…? Then the little creep nudges me out of the way with his elbow, and dirties my sterile front as I am hurled into un-sterile instruments. At this point I say: “OK, it’s your show!” He proceeds to expound in a loud voice: “I used to do this in medical school, so I know what I’m doing.” ( The stinking, warped, idiotic twirp with a Napoleonic complex, not only up-staged me, but he took my job!) Ick… what a jerk! It was embarrassing, cruel, and he got away with this ludicrous behavior because HE WAS A DOCTOR and I was a nurse. Doctors still get away with this kind of arrogance, and I doubt if things will ever change.

Here is another story that happened to me. We had this guy on the table, and he was anesthetized. The procedure had started, and all of a sudden, the patient’s head started to rise. It was like something out of a horror movie. Then he sat up straight, and the drapes fell off, and people were screaming and shouting. Our patient woke up! Shit !! So they grabbed him, and layed him gently back down, and had to re-anesthetize the poor guy. From what I gathered, a newly trained nurse-anesthetist, gave him too much oxygen, too little halothane, and woke his ass up. Oooops. This stuff isn’t supposed to happen. Ever. Wow, this one had a really bad effect on me.

So you will NEVER see me in an operating room as a scrub or circulating nurse. A little bit of excitement is fine, but too much can cause grief and stress. For me , I prefer a job where I can talk to and react to others. Being in an artificial environment, where the DOCTOR is God and you are just an insignificant peon is not for me. If I can’t be part of a medical team, then I’d rather stay home and twiddle my thumbs…


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