Encounter with “Spirits” at Bandelier


caves  This photo shows one of the many caves at “Bandelier National Park” in New Mexico. In 1992, I went backpacking with a buddy in this area of the remote desert. It was one of many encounters that not only had me questioning reality, but sent me on a spiritual quest that continues to this day. My friend, who remained pretty quiet about what I was to “see” urged me to walk into one of the caves. At the time, a ladder was extended into the high cliff dwellings so that visitors could walk into the site.

Before I even climbed the ladder to peer into the cave, I felt apprehension. For some unknown reason, I sensed a creeping fear that my experience would not be pleasant. I had no reasonable explanation as to why I was thinking irrationally. When I got to the top of the ladder and peaked my head into the cave, I knew then why I’d sensed fear. I could actually hear the screams of men being murdered. There isn’t a more chilling sound than this one. I am extremely psychic, but have never experienced the pain of others to this extent. Apparently, the “Old Ones” or Ancient Native American tribes, used the cave areas for human sacrifice. It was a horrific noise. This was what I would term a residual haunting. The sacrifices did occur, but it was perhaps a thousand or so years ago. The pain of death left an imprint on the cave walls, and I could not only hear the cries but feel their pain.

I crept gently back down the ladder and gave my buddy a dirty look. I remember asking him : “Why didn’t you tell me they did human sacrifices here?” He just shrugged his shoulders, as if it wasn’t a big deal. I doubt if he was as sensitive as I was, even though he claimed to be a “Healer”. I must say I wasn’t surprised by his indifferent reaction. He was a guy who emotions were always held in check, in order to appear “cool and aloof”. Not much was spoken about my experience, since I sensed he was not much of a believer in “Spirit Activity”. Even though this guy claims to be a Native American,  I think he probably couldn’t care less about other people’s belief systems. In other words, he showed no EMPATHY.

I walked away from Bandelier pondering over how much I had previously missed seeing, sensing and hearing things that were right in front of me. We as a people, have been “TURNED-OFF” as a species, because we are taught: There are no ghosts, monsters, alien life forms, or inter-dimensional beings. Recently, theoretical physicists are beginning to realise there are other dimensions, and an existence beyond our own. Psychics have known this for a long time. It would be nice to have an equation to prove it.  ( R= ssh x /?2 )


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