A few words about rats…


Rat in Cage

A few years back, scientists gave rats a choice between a food pellet and cocaine. I suppose the choice was a No-brainer. At first, they chose the food because it was familiar to them, and a means of survival. Yet after a few licks of the cocaine, they no longer wanted food. All they wanted was the cocaine. They certainly would have starved to death, had they not been cut off from their precious cocaine. What does this say to you? It should be obvious…. Never give your cocaine to a RAT !

Cocaine is still used in medical practices as a local anesthetic. I know this because I was once an Otolaryngology Technician. (Fancy word for ENT or Ear Nose & Throat tech.) We used 5% and 10% solutions in the clinic to numb the back of throats to make laryngeal exams easier. I remember a young guy commenting to the doctor how much he liked the cocaine solution. Guess what ? The doctor accused him of being a “Hop Head”. Holy shit, I’m not sure what a “Hop Head” is exactly, but it pissed off the Doctor. Why should it? He was just like a rat, who needed instant gratification. This was a young guy, who probably had never experienced sex, much less a drug of any kind. I think that Doctor was a real judgemental ass.

Doctors are funny people. They administer all kinds of medication to patients, and then when they make a fuss about liking the effects, the patient is accused of being an addict. Maybe the real “RAT” wasn’t the patient, perhaps it was the Doctor. Many Nurses and Doctors have succumbed to addictions, they are certainly not immune to the lure of “self-medication”. I have heard stories of people working in the Medical field, who have even died as a result of drug experimentation. Just a little medication is medicinal, a smidge too much can kill you. It’s a dangerous game.

A friend of mine who was an anesthesiologist, told me that many physicians had become addicted to a drug called Fentanil. I’m sure there are many other drugs that can just as easily kill you. I hear about people mixing medication with alcohol and other drugs, and the combination is often lethal. It’s scary what is out there, and medication in the hands of someone irresponsible can have disastrous results.

Let’s give thanks to the Lab rats. They have endured many years of torture and pain, in order to prove medications safe. If they don’t deserve a little cocaine now and then, well…who does?


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