Mind Control…We are all Victims


Flo (Progressive Insurance)

Flo (Progressive Insurance) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Feeling a little NOT like yourself lately? Wondering if you have enough stuff? Are you on the right medication? Are you questioning everything? Relax…it is not your fault. You are merely suffering from a long session of mind control techniques. Every time you look at a TV commercial and wonder if Cialis or Viagra is right for you, you are being hooked-in by the Drug Companies. They seem to rule the airways today. Even on the Internet, I have seen commercials for Viagra.

But by far the worst “Mind Control” commercial is Progressive Insurance. Do I need Progressive? Hell no! Yet Flo is never far from my memory banks because that face is everywhere! How can they spend millions a day on TV commercials and ALSO save you money? The answer is easy… MIND CONTROL. I will wager that the actress who plays Flo doesn’t even have Progressive Insurance. I hope she gets paid a royal sum of money for duping Americans into switching insurance companies.

Another mind control technique is showing “Diet Ads” for Jenny Craig, Slimfast, Nutri-Fast, etc., then they show a slim woman wearing tight-fitting clothing. Not only is this a eye-catching stunt, it’s also a lie. Go to the freezer section of your grocery store. Pick up any box of frozen food. Compare the calories to the “Low Calorie” boxes…. There is about a ten calorie difference to the regular food. Guess what? You are being controlled by an industry making money because you have a fat ass! Listen up people, this is pure unadulterated MIND CONTROL. The bottom line is, if you need to lose weight, eat less, exercise more. If this does not work, get your thyroid checked!

I think television is really having a bad affect on all of us. They bombard us with advertisements about things we really don’t need, but expect us to buy. It has been going on for thousands of years, these are merely modern-day “Snake Oil Salesmen”. They promise us the moon, and when they can’t deliver on a promise, it is somehow our fault. Don’t buy into it. Educate yourself. Ask questions. Look before you leap, and buy all means feel free to push the “remote” to MUTE when the freaking commercials come on.


2 thoughts on “Mind Control…We are all Victims

  1. Elise Gingerich

    ….and the Government’s Electronic Mind Control, Technology, and, And, AND…..the Government’s Electronic Mind Control, Technology…..!!!! THAT Technology, is some SCARY stuff! Government Electronic Mind Control Technology, IS some SCARY STUFF! whenever, and where ever! THEY get to use IT, where ever, when ever, THEY want, don’t THEY?! our lives, are NOT real. NONE of OUR lives, are REAL! more than YOU, all know! THEY use IT, MORE than YOU all know!

    • Thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes, I believe there is a lot of things going on that
      most people are not aware of. Sub-liminal messages on television commercials, and so-called “News Reports”
      are not just wrong, but many are misleading and potentially dangerous to the general population.

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