The Beauty of Snow


Snow in Taos

For me, there is nothing more beautiful than a snowstorm. The heavens drop these mystical flakes that cover everything in white. From a distance, it looks like the landscape has been dusted with powdered sugar. But what I really love about snowstorms is they drive people indoors, where they are often huddled around fireplaces sipping hot cocoa. It is by far the best time to go on a walk, because of the silence it produces. Not many cars are on the roads, and the kids are often designated to the backyard where they are content to build a snowman or two.

I remember when I lived in Albuquerque, and walking in the snow was such a delightful experience. There was very little traffic, because it would take workers a long time to plow the road, if they came at all. Driving in heavy snow is treacherous at best, and most people avoided it. I can remember when I first got my car, and was coming home at 2am. I hit an intersection with a light, and because it was yellow, hit the brakes a bit too hard. I spun 360 degrees in a circle, and plowed into a curb. If there had been cars on the road, I would have smashed up my new car. The next day, my friends told me: “Remember to pump your brakes lightly or you’ll spin out!” Boy how I wish I had  been given that advice by the jerk that sold me the car…(Never having driven in snow before was a definite handicap.)

Walking in the snow is the perfect time for self-reflection. The snow can have a peaceful and calming effect on the soul. It is just amazing to see it transform a landscape into a magical Winter Wonderland. I like to walk around in the crunchy snow and pretend I’m somewhere exotic.It sure beats staring at four walls or playing endless hours of Solitaire. We haven’t seen snow in days, but I think Mother Nature may squeeze a few more snow days in , before it starts warming up. That surely would be a blessing.


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