Why is laughter necessary for health?



When I saw this little critter on the Internet, I laughed. Of course it’s a cat, but with the ears pinned back, and the face half-hidden by a pillow it looks really odd. I am not sure about the breed of cat either, but it has a very round head and flat face. It almost looks scary.

What I like about photographs is that they can tell a story, and at times, can make us laugh. Having the ability to play and laugh is necessary to maintain our health both physically and psychologically. I have seen too many people in my life with a fixed expression on their face, and wouldn’t crack a smile if their life depended on it. This is no way to live. I’m not saying you should walk around all day acting like a complete goofball. However, taking the time to laugh and have some fun is healthy.

I remember this guy I knew who took himself way too seriously. He never laughed, never smiled, and he complained about EVERYTHING. He had a type A personality. He worked hard, but never enjoyed his work. When he was not at work, he never allowed himself time to “play”. He spent a lot of time after meals in the bathroom. If he ate cake, he would have to run around the block two times to burn off the calories. Later I found out that he had “MAN-OREXIA”. That is a disorder where a man is so obsessed with food, that he will starve himself, take laxatives, and over-exercise so that no fat hits any square inch of his body. The lack of food affected his brain, and his personality. I had to quit hanging out with him because he was becoming a real creep.

I think there are a lot of people who never laugh that have no idea they have a real problem. Not laughing is not a disease, but it is a symptom. So if you haven’t laughed in a while try it. Watch a good Comedy, listen to stand-up comics on YouTube, heck even pick up a good book. Find something that you find amusing and partake of it. Don’t just sit there, be pro-active. Myself, I like to watch comics on the Comedy Chanel or listen to them on Sirius Radio. If you can’t laugh along with others, something is definitely wrong. If you have never done anything like that, try it out, you never know how hilarious the world really is. Remember…Keep smiling, and whatever is bugging you, learn to let it go.


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