Binary Codes & What the heck are they?


Tech head

Binary codes are the numbers used by computers to communicate. Until last year, I had NEVER heard of binary codes, nor did I know what the hell they were. In fact, if you look at the rendering above, you will see “binary codes” imbedded in this guys’ head. Fascinating…. I had downloaded this rendering a month previously, but never really noticed it to be binary code. It simply means a series of 1’s and zeros that is the “language” of computers. It can be used to say just about anything, and if you don’t believe me check Wikipedia. The explanation they offer is the most interesting and concise one that I have found.

OK… That being said, why the heck should I give a rat’s ass about the codes spewed out by computers? Oddly enough, it was a MUFON meeting in Sedona Arizona that had me doing research about it. Why? Well Jim Penniston, a former SPO (Security Police Officer) stationed in England  around 1980 was not only a witness to a “Close Encounter” with a landed UFO, but he spoke about binary codes. Apparently he went up to the UFO and touched the thing. (Not recommended behavior if you are sane.) There was a triangular glyph, or symbol on the UFO that he put his hand on. When he did that, a telepathic “download” of ones and zeros poured into his brain. I’m sure it was a WTF moment for him. Since he wasn’t quite sure what the UFO occupant were trying to convey to him, he NEVER explained himself.

I was totally flummoxed by his presentation. This guy is going around the country telling his story, yet just giving enough information to wet’s ones’ appetite. When asked for specifics, he tells his audience about his upcoming book. Something happened in Rendleshen Forest in 1980, to a group of Air Force Military Police. They saw something “Out of this World”, and can’t be specific until their book comes out? Whew! Men are so greedy sometimes that it makes my flesh crawl. I would have bought their upcoming book, had he been more forth-coming with information. Before the presentation, I even went up to Mr. Penniston to try and engage him in conversation. He was rather rude and blew me off. (This is not a way to win friends and influence others.) He is just another guy in a long line of people waiting to “cash in” by selling a book that may be full of half-truths and embellishments. Maybe he was “for real” , but the guy was a real schmuck.

One thing he did say in his talk at MUFON rang true. He reported that ALL the people who experienced the UFO, eventually had reoccurring nightmares. That is true for many abductees. Perhaps there is a lot more to this story than he is willing to tell because of fear. What I want to know is, why they waited 25 years to finally write a book about the incident? There may have been lots of government pressure to remain silent. Or, with lecture tours, UFO conventions, and TV appearances, they may just be “milking” the story for all it’s worth. ( Thousands of $$$$ ).

I no longer go to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) meetings. The people I have encountered are rude and others are just plain crazy. There is a guy who shows up telling people he’s from “outer space”. He’s one of the most bizarre of this freakish bunch. Unfortunately only a handful of people, like the organizers and volunteers seem to be in touch with reality. Some of the speakers are merely “wanna be’s” and the only experience they have had is coming in touch with “VORTEXES“. I am not really sure that a vortex even exists. One lady I met summed it up like this… A vortex is a swirling form of energy. I have one in my bathroom. It’s called a toilet.


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