The Strangest Vacation Ever


Little Aleinn,Rachel NV Have you ever gone on a vacation that was so weird, it was like something out of the movies? If you ever saw the Movie “Paul”, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Paul was a comedy about an Alien who escaped the confines of U.S Military confinement, and went on an RV trip across the country with two rather adorable British “nerds”. It was a wacky, fun and deliciously entertaining movie. If you never saw the film, rent it. If you have no desire to do so, then you are missing out.

Oddly enough, in the 90’s my husband and I did go to certain UFO “hot spots”, just like in the film “Paul”. What is so screechingly funny is that when I watched the movie, it was very similar to a Deja Vous experience. (If you are not up on your French, that means simply “Already Been”). I did go to the “Little Ale”inn” in Rachel Nevada. The place was full of Alien souvenirs, and the bar had a variety of unusual people talking about UFO encounters. By the way, Area 51 is a mere 12 miles away from Rachel Nevada. Rumor has it, that not only are their “recovered” UFO’s at Area 51, but they are also housing Alien beings there. We went there to check things out to see if any of the rumors were true.

At the bar, I met a guy named “Chuck”, who had a book for sale detailing evidence of strange aircraft that was spotted in the area. He was a heck of a nice guy, and happily answered all my questions about Area 51. Here is a strange fact, Area 51, is really part of Nellis Air Force base. The name Area 51, is a title given to the area by UFO enthusiasts. They do test new aircraft in the area, since thousands of square miles of  space is available there. The area is also “restricted” and unless you have a clearance, no one from the outside is allowed on the base. There is a lot of secrecy surrounded the place, and for good reason. The government knows how to keep their new technology “under wraps”, so that other more nefarious governments can’t steal from us.

I’m not really sure why, but we decided we should spend the night in Rachel. They had a couple of rooms available for rent and so we stayed. While I was indoors, I heard a loud “boom” and then another one. At the time, they were testing some sort of high altitude jet. I ran outside to see if I could see the object, but I could only see blue sky. I found out later, that when a jet breaks the sound barrier (goes faster than sound), you will hear two sonic booms. To this day, I’m not sure what was up in the sky. It was just too high and fast to be seen with the naked eye. I suppose I should have been excited, but instead, I was disappointed. Where were all the UFO’s ? I was beginning to wonder.

Later we ended up going to the Grand Canyon. There was a bit of snow on the ground, which I took as a perfect “photo – op” moment. We had found a highly polished hubcap on the ground earlier that day. I spent my time at the Grand Canyon throwing the thing in the air, and snapping photos of the hubcap while my camera was set at “high-speed”. I took a bunch of these pictures hoping to get a clear shot. Guess what? Three or four of them came out really good. It actually looked like a UFO flying in the sky. I had decided that if I wasn’t going to see a real UFO, then by golly, I was going to fake some pictures.

Now I know why people are so skeptical about UFO photographs. I know so little about photography, yet I was able to get some impressive shots. I guess it was a weird thing to do, but I learned that even an amateur like me can fake a UFO photo. What I’m still searching for, is the real deal. I know they are out there,  I just have to bide my time.


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