Manifesting your Desires


juming people

I believe most of us can be as happy as the people in this photo. It’s been a long time since I have “jumped for joy”, but I do know how to have a good time. One reason is, I have a positive belief system. Sure sometimes I get cranky just like everyone else, but I have learned to “blow things off” that are negative and keep on marching as if nothing has happened.

I also believe that if you want something badly enough, you can attract it. The sky’s the limit. For example, when I go to a swap meet, or Flea Market, and I’m looking for something very particular all I have to do is focus very hard on what I’m searching for and I’ll find it. It may not come to me instantly, but I have confidence I’ll find what I’m looking for. Sometimes, I even ask if people have things that are not on the display tables, and they will search in a bag, box, or their car and produce the item. Sometimes I have to weed through a lot of junk to find what I’m looking for, but it’s all part of the adventure. Like all things in life, it isn’t always your destination that is important, it’s the journey.

The Western cultures sometimes have a hard time with the concept of manifesting desires. Yet, in the Bible it does say: “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, NOTHING is impossible unto you.” I think some people believe they don’t deserve having their desires met, so on some level they sabotage their own goals. I find this to be a very sad truth. If you think of yourself as a child of God, then you do deserve to have good things happen to you. The “Law of Attracting” what you want is available to everyone.

Below I have listed seven easy steps to manifesting desires. Whether you want money, happiness, a steady income or world peace …

1. You MUST have a strong conviction that things can change for the better.

2. What ever you desire, you must BELIEVE that you deserve it.

3. You must remove all emotional and mental blocks. (Remove negative thoughts from your mind.)

4. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day, and meditate on your desires.

5. Visualize your desires coming true.

6. The more you imagine your desires coming true, the more likely it is to happen.

7. Always be grateful for what you already have. Sometimes the manifestation process is lengthy, and you have to be patient.

Remember that you are capable of achieving almost anything. Be careful what you wish for, because not all of our desires may end up being healthy ones. Always keep the faith, that around every corner, the miracle of manifestation can happen. Sometimes when I least expect it, the things I’ve been looking for present themselves. I think if I was handed everything, the minute I asked for it, I would undoubtedly become spoiled rotten. Besides, that is not how the universe works.  Ask, and ye shall receive, but it won’t necessarily be immediately dropped in your lap. After all, Our Creator does not treat us like He’s running a fast food franchise. We often wait. This helps us develop patience, which I believe  to be a Divine gift.


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