A very good omen


flying owl

Seeing an owl is a very good omen. Not all Indian tribes will agree. The Lakota believe they are messengers of “death”, and seeing one means that someone is about to die. However the Navajo people, do not think of them this way at all. They believe the owl is a sacred animal, and one that is NOT to be feared. They don’t show up at my house very often, but last night there was one in my backyard. I was ecstatic. It was perched on a pole, and looked like he was scanning the horizon for his supper. They eat rodents, and they are welcome to rid our property of any pesky critters. Rabbits I have to agree are cute, but I can live without mice and rats.

They are very curious creatures. I made a hooting sound and he looked up at me. It was as if he was shocked that such a familiar sound should be coming from a human. I felt very certain that he would not stay long, so I got out my binoculars to see him more closely. He looked like the one in this photo. When I ran to get my husband, and he finally came out. The owl had gone. I was glad he stayed a bit, so I could say, “hello.”


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