Have people been abducted at Camp sites?


tent abductions

Do people ever get abducted by Aliens while camping? I have read several hundred stories about alien abduction. One thing is certain. It has happened everywhere. There is a common thread. It usually happens at night when a person is sound asleep, so they believe when they wake up that the whole episode was just a bizarre dream. Clever little critters those aliens.

I have heard about cases where people were driving down the road, see a bright light and next thing they know they are fifty or so miles away from their original location, and it’s hours later, with no recollection of what occurred. The first abduction story I read about happened in the 60’s, and it involved Betty and Barney Hill who lived in New Hampshire. They had an episode of “missing time“, and at first, no recollection of strange events that had happened. Then came the nightmares. Betty and Barney had similar nightmares, so they  ended up going to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist unlocked the true events through hypnosis, because the real story was locked in their subconscious.

I remember the incident retold for television about 3 guys camping on a lake. They too, recalled an event of missing time, and suffered from nightmares. They too, were regressed through hypnosis and it was discovered that they were taken aboard an alien craft. Many people find these stories too unreal to be believable. After working in the medical field for many years, I know there are a lot of different medications that are given in hospitals that produce amnesia. If we humans have drugs, why not a civilization that is thousands of years older than us?

I heard of people being gassed, bathed in some sort of liquid, and given substances to eat or drink. (These events occurred during the abduction process.) For some reason, many people are remembering the experiences even though I believe they were drugged in some fashion. I did not come by my theories easily. I have been reading these stories for about 3 decades. I think there is some sort of alien “agenda” and that it’s easy to dismiss most stories as frauds and hoaxes, but I’ve met several victims and these people all have one thing in common. They were terrified. The smart ones don’t talk about it, for fear of ridicule. Many have suffered from coming forward. I just recently read a story about a man, who was “taken” by extraterrestrials and he had a grand ol’ time. They treated this guy like a King! (They also gave him plenty of food and drink.) Do I think he was drugged and brain-washed? Dah…. yes !

What’s that expression… ? The smartest thing the DEVIL ever did was make people believe he didn’t exist. If something evil doesn’t exist, then how can you fear it? Read the Bible, the devil exists. I can can sometimes see evil in the eyes’ of men. If you want to really get freaked out, go to YouTube and look for the tape recording of Art Bell*, who was talking to a guy who worked at area 51. The guy sounded really scared, he said the ET’s are trying to take control of major cities, so they can control us completely. Then the power grid shuts down, without reason. The guy is cut off. There was terror in the man’s voice. Was this “Great Theater” or is something strange going on?

I know that a lot of people in the UFO field are so full of BS, that their eyes are turning brown. However, there are some very reliable investigators trying to figure the whole mess out. Some are getting rich from it, some are hiding. Some have suffered mysterious deaths like John E. Mack, MD. who was working with abductees. It is not a field of work I recommend, since many investigators are either threatened or killed. (Someone is making these deaths “look” accidental.) I don’t know if the government is clueless or guilty of covering things up. I can only guess. Some “entity” much smarter than me, seems to be adding dis-information to confuse the real story, and doing a damn good job. I must confess I am left scratching my head and wondering what the hell is really going on. The fact is, I really don’t think that 60% of the population is suffering a delusion. The “Truth is Out There”, however the lines that separate fact from fiction are getting blurred. This scares me.

* Art Bell, Area 51: The Frantic Caller (on YouTube)


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