Do you believe in Angels?


Michael the Archangel  This is an image of an archangel. If you are wondering what the difference between an archangel and a regular angel, the difference is vast. An archangel is the highest rank of angel. These are warriors send by God to protect those in great need. They have been seen by people all over the world and do not discriminate according to race, belief systems or religion. They are the emissaries of the Creator.

I have a very valid reason to believe in angels. For some unknown reason, I believe I had a real encounter with one. It was just for an instant, I saw a flash of light and their he was at the side of a deserted highway. I was frozen in shock. As I drove by the sight, I figured that I must have been dreaming. He looked a lot like the guy in this picture only he gave off tremendous amounts of light. He was a glowing image in light. When I looked back, he had vanished. It was perhaps the most unforgettable event of my life.

Later, after reading a book about angels, I began to realise that archangels appear in armour. They are ready for battle. I often question as to why I was chosen to see an angel. There really isn’t anything special about me. I’m just a middle class housewife, and not particularly religious. At the time, I was in the middle of a divorce. It was one of my darkest hours. If you’ve been divorced you know what I’m talking about. I never mentioned the event to my “future X-husband”, because he was a religious fanatic, and I’m positive he would have ridiculed me. In fact according to him, he was the only true “believer” in the house. He often would say insulting things about the Catholics, and put me down because of my Catholic education. (He eventually converted to Catholicism…) How ironic life is sometimes!

The ONLY clear reason for me encountering such a precious vision is, that I would one day be able to share my experience with others. I had been getting very little sleep, and perhaps if I had NOT seen the angel, I might have crashed my car that night. Another explanation is that it was a hallucination because of lack of sleep. I know for a fact I’m not prone to hallucinations, even with lack of sleep. So what did I see that night? I’d like to think that I was being protected from a disaster of some sort, and was sent a Divine Messenger and Heavenly Protector. Whatever the reason, I know I was blessed. With faith, I believe we all have heavenly protection.

May God Bless all who reads this….


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