Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day Look closely at this cute guy. I really don’t trust him. He has candy on his lower lip. Has he been chewing on the Holiday candy again. Your holiday gift now has cooties…

But seriously folks, I hope your day is going better than mine. I started off my day with a Grande tea from Starbuck’s, but I got the “NEW” girl, and she only filled the cup half-way! I was home before I realised the mistake. What I really got was a TALL, which is equivalent to a child’s serving. Later at lunch, I thought I’d order Chai Tea once again, and they served me soapy water and milk . My husband smelled it and told me it smelled like sink water. Perhaps they tried to cool it off by adding the contents of their sink? The worst part was, it really did taste like sink water.

I remember being served tea in a restaurant, and it tasted like vinegar. When I complained that the tea tasted like vinegar, the waitress told me she’d get me a new pot. When I asked her what had happened she responded: “Oh… we soak our tea pots overnight in vinegar, it must not have been rinsed.” Wow! Not only did I get a pot of vinegar solution, I got a waitress who doesn’t know where the clean tea pots are kept. What a retard. She didn’t bother to apologize either. Thank God she was a server and not the cook!

I live in a very small city, and customer service is at an all time low. I’ve eaten meals in this town, that I quite frankly would NEVER feed to an animal. It is getting to the point that I drive by restaurants, and the mere thought of going inside makes me want to gag. There was a time when “eating out” was a pleasurable experience, lately it seems more like punishment.

What I recommend to people who have suffered dinning out disasters is to let management know your concerns. At times a manager won’t know what’s wrong until you speak up. It might seem like a simple thing and you may just “let it go”, but if you keep silent, the person who comes after you may end up getting sick.


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