When my cat Sir Clive takes a bath, he looks like an Alien !


wet cat It’s in the EYES ! Every time I give Sir Clive his bath, his head shrinks, and his eyes seem to grow. You might think I’m crazy, but I think he may be an alien. The funny thing is I don’t like to bathe him at all, but he comes into my room once a month and screams baaaaf baaaaf baaaaaaaaaaaaf. (Which is obviously cat language for bath.) How can I possibly refuse his request?

He loves the little blue bucket I put out for him. I put warm bath water and a squeaky mouse inside the bucket, and he gleefully jumps in. Sometimes things get freaky and he makes a noise like a growl. One day he went crazy, jumped out of the bucket, and climbed up the shower curtains. It took me a half hour to pry him from his lofty position above my head. I think he was exerting his independence.

At night he prowls the grounds looking for rodents and lizards. The more creepy the creature, the more he loves them. I don’t mind his hunting, I just don’t want him bringing his “Catch of the day” inside the house. Last summer he brought me a squirming garter snake, and I had to shoo the critter out with a broom. That’s the day I think I caught Clive smiling. Then he winked at me. Now you tell me, is he an alien or what?



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