Things to do when you’re bored…


Bored ! This baby is soooooo bored. A lot of us feel the same way he does. One more night of strained peas and I might just puke. Same thing, different day. That is why we have to try new things, and experiment with life in general. Here are a few helpful hints, in order to fight boredom.

1. Clean out your closet, & add something that does NOT belong. Be creative, add a colorful painting to the bleak walls. If you have a very small closet, add something helpful like a new shelf.

2. Call someone you like and have a chat. Most people do not live exciting lives. Perhaps your friends are as bored as you.

3. Have a picnic at midnight. Picnic are daytime events, so pick an hour when people are in sleeping. That way, you and a friend can have some privacy.

4. Write a letter to someone you admire, and tell them why you think they have been an influence on you. Don’t get too wordy. Place a return envelope with your address and stamp, they may just write back. E-mail is too impersonal, most people appreciate getting snail-mail these days.

5. Catch up on some shut-eye. Taking a nap during the day, can invigorate you, especially if you have been losing sleep. You might not be bored at all, you just might be sleepy.

6. Do something you love to do…Walk, jog, ride a bike, dance, sing, take a class, write a poem, take a vacation, go on a hike in the mountains, breathe fresh air, meditate, daydream, write, draw, or even paint a picture.

7. Catch up on doing chores, especially laundry. You will feel and smell better.

8. Do something nice for a total stranger. Buy the person behind you at Starbuck’s a coffee or tea. Donate to a thrift shop or local mission. Give someone a compliment. Take the time to ask people if they need help. We all need to be kinder to ourselves and each other.

9. Visualize a better world. Pray about it. If enough people do this, we can change the universe.

10. Set aside a day and pamper yourself. Eat forbidden food. Allow your self a fresh donut or slice of cake. Indulge in something spicy, like Thai or Indian food. Take your shoes off and walk along the shore, let the waves tickle your feet.

11. Start listening to your heart, not your head. Logic is for mathematicians, rigid scientists and Mr. Spock.

12. Give yourself permission to laugh. It is the ONLY thing that separates us from the animals.

So what are you doing sitting here? There has to be something that would make you happy. You have my permission to join me. LET GO, LET LOOSE, AND LET’S GET CRAZY…. You can NOT be bored, if you have explored your inner resources.  😉


One thought on “Things to do when you’re bored…

  1. hi Zand

    Point 3 and 12 are really nice and 12th one is making a lot of sense as i guess it is only us to stops us from laughing and having a good time. Your point 4. Write a letter to someone you admire is also a good one.

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