Where have all the Spaceships gone ?


ufos over the desert I haven’t heard about any significant UFO sightings lately. It’s kind of disappointing really. Each night, I look up in the sky and I see twinkling little stars, but no movement. Oh sure, I see an occassional plane or jet, but nothing unusual. It has to happen soon , right?

I live in Arizona, and everyone in the UFOlogy community has heard of the Phoenix lights. It was a mass sighting of a triangular aircraft that buzzed the Phoenix area in the 1980’s. Geee wiz, I missed that one. The incident spawned a few books, and several segments on TV programs. Since that time, it hasn’t been back. I really wish I’d seen it. Apparently, it was as big as a football field, silent, and was large enough to wipe out the view of the stars as it flew over head.

What I would really like to see is a UFO sighting so big that it affects several states at once. Some clear video footage would be nice, if I see one more blurry video of a light in the sky I think I’ll scream. Of course if we ever see a clear video people will think it was computer animated and a total fake. We are often led to believe that sightings are hoaxes, yet because of my experiences, I’d have to say some are very real.

I remember back in 1989, when I saw something unbelievable in the sky. My friend and I were on the beach looking up at the stars. There was a star above our heads that was very brightly lit and seems to be spinning. I thought it was a trick of the eye. After a good 15 to 20 minutes of looking at the “star”, it began to slowly move. At first I thought I was imagining the movement. Then it left in a straight line, just like any aircraft would. Mind you, this was NOT a helicopter. This was silent. It had some intelligent force operating it because it was masquerading as a star. My friend pointed and said “Look a UFO !” I still didn’t give it much thought until later. The things are up there, and are very devious when it comes to hiding.

I know a man who is a UFO researcher, and he tells a very weird story about a RV. It was late one night, and he spotted a recreational vehicle coming toward his location on a nearby road. The location was remote, and he was very much alone except for the presence of the RV. Suddenly, the man realises that the location of the RV is NOT in a spot where there is a road! He stares at the thing in disbelief. Without warning the RV begins to rise into the air and float above the ground. The thing (which he then realises is not really an RV), lifts itself into the sky and disappears.  The freaking’ thing disguised itself as a recreational vehicle. If you are from an advanced civilization, and your technology is light years beyond ours, then this story is not a stretch. These “things” can look like anything. They play with us like we are mindless animals. This, is very disturbing. Think about it, they may be coming to Earth just to “screw” with us.

If I were a spaceman, from the Pleiades and wanted to “pull a fast one” on the Earthlings, I sure as heck wouldn’t make myself known. I would disguise my ship as a building, RV, House boat, shipping container, or even a piece of discarded metal in order to protect myself from the primitives. My friend was lucky enough to see the transformation while it was happening. I always had a theory that they pretended to be planes and helicopters, but the recreational vehicle was “pure genius”. So next time you look up at the sky, and see a plane that is silent as a mime, look again, it may just be the spacemen checking up on us.


3 thoughts on “Where have all the Spaceships gone ?

  1. 1. Yes, I’d like to be notified of any future sightings as well.

    2. True story: My friend, Bonnie, swears she saw a trash can in the sky and she discounted it because it didn’t make sense to her. I reminds me of the RV story.

    3. If the aliens were here just to “screw” with us, I’m sure they would create much more mayhem. It doesn’t feel like they are interfering. In fact, it’s almost as if they don’t exist at all.

    Sincerely, Playtime.

  2. Trash can? Well in Argentina, there were “refrigerator” looking craft that shot rays at a group of people who were sleeping high in the trees in hammocks. (I know it sounds like I’m making this up.) It did happen, and a few of the people were injured. I have read a lot of bizzare stories like that. Not all UFO stories fit the typical sighting scenario. In fact, scout ships can be any size, shape, and color. A lot of people do not report UFO sightings for fear of being ridiculed, and I can’t really blame them.

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