Are people still getting abducted ?


abduction  A long time ago, perhaps more than thirty, I was invited to attend a group somewhere near the Beach in California. (Could have been Hermosa, Redondo, or even Manhattan Beach.) These people were called “An Alien Abductee Group” and most of them claimed to be grabbed in the middle of the night, taken aboard some sort of “craft”, examined by Aliens, and then let go without much memory of the experience. Sounds like a made up Sci-Fi story. However, this is what happened to many of them…

Now I’m not going to name names, but a few of these people were really “wacky”, but most were relatively “normal”. I got invited after a writer friend invited me to visit with the group and “share” my experiences. Most of my experiences were through dreams and certainly not particularly vivid or interesting for that matter. None the less, I went to a couple of meetings, and found it to be kind of “freaky”. A lady would go around telling people that after the “space people” abducted her, she could no longer eat food. They had changed her metabolism in some way. She did say she drank micro-amounts of milk and NOTHING else. I was a nurse for a while, and I know that not eating or drinking will shut your organs down, and cause death. She looked normal physically, so she had to have been consuming food and water.

There was another guy, who looked like a total geek and he would say ridiculous things to people like: “If the sky were not blue and the clouds white, would the dove not fly at sunset?”…. I mean the crap he was spouting was total nonsense. I think he was crying for help. After one of his weird quotes, a guy next to me said to him” “Why are you being so cryptic?” Are you kidding me? Cryptic, would imply he had some sort of secret, and he had no secret. I think the guy  came there to pick up babes. Some of these guys were just pathetic.

The sad part is that many people came for answers, but the group just attracted too many social misfits and people with obvious delusions. Eventually, the group was brought to an abrupt halt. It was after a tabloid journalist infiltrated the group and insisted that it was a UFO cult, and that the lady leading the group was having an illicit affair with the writer who had helped start the group. I have every belief, that the culprit who worked for the tabloid was the same idiot asking the ridiculous questions. Imagine asking a stranger: “If a circus can breathe life into the imagination of a child, will he grow to be a man who raises goats?” I mean let me think that one over. He was an idiot! He was pretending to be a lunatic, but he was really was a tabloid journalist. I have no proof it was the same dude who wrote the story, but I’d bet good money that he was the guilty one. He certainly was playing a game on all of us.

I no longer am much of a “joiner”. Every time I join a group of people, for whatever reason, things go badly. I have joined artistic “associations”, various volunteer jobs, and religious organizations. The experiences have been interesting, yet none of them repeatable. People in general don’t know how to “make nice”. Petty arguments, random accusations, stupid and childish behavior, are all things that happen when you join a “group”. I’m flying solo these days and am happier for it. Eventually, I may go back to joining a class, or participating in volunteer work. Right now, I plan on doing more writing and giving more of my time to sharing my stories. Maybe some of you can learn from my stupid mistakes. 😉


2 thoughts on “Are people still getting abducted ?

  1. Are you saying that the geek who said, “If the sky were not blue and the clouds white, would the dove not fly at sunset?” was actually a tabloid journalist infiltrator?
    And if he really said that, the guy’s a genius!

  2. Hey Playtime….
    I think when people try and “sound” mysterious, they are usually up to no good. To tell you the truth I had to blame somebody for printing trashy things about us in the tabloids, and that guy was really annoying. If you think about it, birds don’t fly at sunset, only BATS fly at sunset, because they are looking for insects when the sun goes down. I know this because my sister was a biology major. (She’s the only genius I know.)

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