Run for the Hills, The Flu is Comming


woman with cold See the girl. She has kleenex in her hand. She is not a happy camper my friends! She has the flu. Well I’m in the same boat. I’ve been floating in a sea of virusy bacteria for 8 days now. I think I may have coughed up a partial lung. My sister suggested I may have caught the VIRUS from my computer!! I would not put it past those Government trained computer hackers. They found a way to pulverize nano-bacteria and inject it into the internet. After all, isn’t the internet the work of the devil? If you spell internet backwards it spells ten/rat/ni , which in Latin means ten rats are in your computer. So I ain’t wrong.

My fever went to about 102. My head was burning. So I researched FEVER. Here are some boringly insignificant facts: Fever is NOT an illness, it is a SYMPTOM of illness. Fever is your body’s natural defense against infection. ( either viral or bacterial.) Fever brings physical discomfort, ie; aches , pains, throbbing head, etc. It can also spike in the afternoons and evenings. That is why when it goes up at night, it can give you creepy and disturbing dreams.

I also had a cough so severe, that it sounded like a barking dog. I would have fits of coughing that left me without breath for long periods of time. I had a side ache from the cough, and got out my stethoscope to check lung sounds. (That was to make sure I did not have a pneumothorax). That is a fancy, medical term for collapsed lung. Relieved that I would live another day, I put the stethoscope away. I know my survival is at hand, don’t worry.

Complaining about it, does me no good. This junky flu is getting around town, and I was in its path. I have been told that the flu shot is only 60% effective. A friend of mine had the flu shot and still got sick….What does that mean? The vaccine is only good for the particular virus they are guessing might hit you. These things mutate. Any biologist will tell you that a virus can be changed at any moment, and even can remain dormant for many years. I think I got Beethoven’s 5th symphony virus, DAH DAH DAH DUM…. If I had been 85 years old, it would have done me in. I’m still here, and have every intention of annoying people in the future, so don’t worry about me.  Cheers!   😉


2 thoughts on “Run for the Hills, The Flu is Comming

  1. This is your sister and I’d like to confirm that you CAN get a virus from the computer!
    Why do you think they call it a computer virus?
    This is how it all started- In the late 60’s there was a government lab (underground in the Mohave desert) that incubated millions of doses of viral “ordinances” destined to be stockpiled and are currently in cold storage. The delivery system: personal computers!
    There have been many of these man-made viruses that have disappeared over the years.
    This information is not on the books. The project is Black. It does not exist.
    Please destroy after reading.

  2. I hope I wasn’t infected through a open portal in my laptop. There are at least 4 very suspicious portals on the side of my machine. They may be targeting me because I have had a top secret clearance in the past. My projects were NOT Black ops, there were sort of Brown. Poopy brown to be exact. I was installed as a bio-engineer to help develop mind control programs, It was all very hush hush. Some of my experiments did get implemented and were used on unsuspecting victims. It’s really embarrassing to watch people bark like dogs for no apparent reason, after we implanted a mild suggestion in a military training film. We had a 37% success rate.Word has it, the drug companies implaint suggestions in their TV comercials. It’s a fact that 87% of the patients today request medicine from doctors because it has been advertised on the television. Oddly, only 32% of those people need to be treated , and many are not sick at all. If you tell people they are sick, they will believe you.

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