What is a “Bindi?”


Bindis on girl Perhaps you may be wondering , WHAT IS A BINDI ? This girl is wearing one. A Bindi (Sanskrit bindu), means a “Drop” or a small “dot”. Typically, it is worn in the center forehead, right between the eyebrows, and is red in color. Also it can be a tatoo, or piece of jewelry worn in this spot. The area where the bindi is placed, is believed to be the sixth chakra, (Ajna) or “The seat of concealed wisdom”.

Hindus believe this chakra is the exit point, for kundalini energy. This energy is within all of us. The bindi is said to retain this energy, and strengthen it. It is also said to protect against demons, and bad luck.

The red bindi, represents love, honor and prosperity. It was traditionally worn for this reason. It can also be worn as an adornment, to enhance beauty. Many different cultures have been known to wear bindis.

According to Vedic tradition, the bindi was created as a means to worship ones’ intellect. It can be used by both men and women. During meditation, this very spot, is used for focus, and helps with concentration. Many images of the Buddha, show the spot between the eyebrows.

This area of the forehead is also called “The Third Eye“. This center is connected with the syllable “Om“. After this center has been “activated”, the aspirant may be able to overcome “ego” and their “sense of individuality”, and reach the point of becoming “One With The Universe”.

For many people the bindi is much more than a self-adhesive decoration. It was created to honor the well-worn traditions of many people. So when you wear one,wear it with respect, and honor its protective powers. Also respect the people whose traditions date back through the millenia. As a mater of fact I am wearing mine now, and believe that it can assist me in focusing and in meditation. Try wearing one, let me know what you think.


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