The Mystical Raven


This is a carion bird. They eat anything they can get a hold of, including road kill. If a furry critter gets run over on the freeway, the raven will often lurk in the vicinity. They would wait for cars to clear away, then have a feast. When it comes to food, this bird is opportunistic. Whatever is available to them, they will devour it.

These birds symbolize self-awareness and introspection. They make a great deal of noise, from the caw, to a weird little clacking noise as if two twigs were being knocked together. They don’t just communicate with each other, they will communicate with who ever is around. If you listen closely to them, they will warn you of an approaching person or other animal.

Farmers find them a nuisance, but I find them intriguing. They have a mysterious and mystical air about them. In fact if you make a “CAW CAW” noise yourself, they often respond by talking back. Most birds do not interact with humans, but the raven will. This is a sign of intelligence.

This poorly understood creature is blamed for being a harbinger of death, or a scary creature that should be reserved for Halloween. They are mostly ignored, and considered useless. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Indians’ once believed that their cries, were laughter. Like everything else, the real truth comes from ones’ perspective. I happen to think they are wonderful creatures, and enjoy interacting with them. Next time you see a raven, smile and say : “Hello”. They may just talk back.Crow (My carving…)


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