Sing you way to a Better Place


Singing-lessonsI just love this photo. It isn’t of some guy trying to get frisky with a strange lady. He is a Vocal Coach. Trying to control breathing, and using your diaphragm to sing is a very important step to singing correctly. If you do NOT train with a vocal coach and learn the right technique, you may very well strain your vocal chords. This can lead to laryngitis, and you could temporarily lose your voice.

Always think of the voice like an instrument. It should be considered a precious gift. Screaming can completely destroy your voice, and often, with time, a singer can develop vocal cord nodules. It has happened to many rock singers, because they are often forced to scream to be heard over the din of guitars, drums, and amplifiers. This damage can ruin you voice permanently. So be careful !

I was lucky. Most of my singing was in choirs and chorales. A choir is of course a good start for many singers. Most churches have choirs, and there is NO audition necessary. However, if you can learn to “sight-read”, then a chorale is the way to go. Most of these are available at Colleges. There is an audition process, and you have to come with sheet music in hand. It can be rather intimidating to audition for the first time. The best way to tackle the situation is to work with a vocal coach. That reminds me of the old joke : A man walks up to a stranger, because he is lost, and asks:  “Excuse me sir, how do I get to Carnegie Hall? ” He responds: “Practice, Practice, Practice !”

Most people think that because they can “sing along” to the radio, that they are great singers. (Oh contraire , mon amie…) I was working with a girl who wanted to be a professional singer, and her only experience was KARAOKE. She had the look, but she was not willing to put the work into it, that is necessary to become a success. A good way to test whether or not you can sing is to record your voice. The first time you hear a”playback”, you may be in for a shock. Most people either sing sharp or flat. The way to correct these mistakes is to get a Vocal Coach.

With the invasion of shows like “American Idol”, the “Voice”, and “America’s Got Talent”, it seems like everyone on Earth wants to audition. My favorite of the three is “The Voice”. Why? The simple answer is that they use professional singers as judges. They also are listening to the singers’ voices, and not looking at the way the singer looks. The judges hide behind a chair. Human beings are just too judgemental. The idea of the show is rather unique. Also, it is entertaining. If you haven’t watched it, give it a try, you might find it interesting.

Singing should be fun as well as educational. If you find you don’t have much of a voice, there are other pursuits that are just as enjoyable. Having a good voice is one thing, but having a great voice is rare. If you want to sing, by all means do it. It can bring joy and happiness. I sing because it brings me to a better place. To me, singing is a God-given gift. When you think about it, what could be better?


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