The halls of mystery


Amalfi Italy This is a photo of a church in Amalfi, Italy. The colors, textures and arches are amazing. Each church I have visited has its own and unique character and energy. While I have not been to this particular church, I’m sure it is worth visiting.

I believe that buildings, especially ones like in this photo hold stored energy from all the people who have ever visited the place. Even a physicist will tell you that matter is never completely destroyed, it is merely transformed. I believe that building can hold enery, and store it for a very long time. This is why so many people go to old Cathedrals and Churches, not just to see the beauty, but to soak up energy.

Many years ago I lived in a place called San Juan Capistrano. I lived close to the mission, and would visit often. Walking around the place made me feel peaceful and happy. The small chapel on the site, was especially lovely. The walls were hand painted by the Native people who lived in the area. If you go inside the place, even when it’s empty, the place feel “alive”. It has a lot of positive, loving energy inside.

The funny thing is, I do believe that some of the people who lived and died there, still reside at the mission. Ghost Adventures, the TV show, has recently showed up “CHASING” ghosts at the San Juan Capistrano mission. I think it’s funny calling them “Ghost Hunters” or “Chasers”. This is because, in reality, a human does not really chase a ghost, they chase you. They are in the invisible realm. They are curious about you, and sometimes get annoyed at your interference of their “space”. So if you want to “meet” a ghost, just sit still, and they will come to you. However if you want to mess around with them, please say a prayer of protection. That way what you contact, is not permitted to harm you. I recommend people who do the “ghost busting” to wear a cross or religious medal around their necks. Most spirits will respect the symbol and not try to cause you to suffer. There are some evil entities though, that are just plain mean. No amount of protection can spare you. (As the wise man once said, they were mean in life, and they are mean after death.)


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