New Creepy Virus, that turns on your computer & steals info.


Geeky guyI just heard on the news that there is a new virus, that can turn on your computer and steal your photos and data. It’s just the latest thing in cyber warfare. Just when you think stalker behavior could not get any ceepier, this happens.

Apparently one woman called for tech support, and the guy later had accessed nude photos she had stored in her drive. He took the photos, and manipulated them, so that they became her new wallpaper. That’s not all folks! Then he kept texting her, because he wanted to be her “friend.” Gee wiz, what can I say? Cyber-Stalkers are alive and well and work for tech support at your favorite company.

I think most tech support is snotty and rude. I once called support for a printer that kept jamming up on me. This guy is walking me through the steps, and he was impatient as hell. He kept sighing deeply and saying “Are you there yet?” I guess I just wasn’t speedy enough for him. I finally got my printer working, but only after I suffered his abuse. These geeks hide behind a computer, yet they are as guilty as any other criminal, especially if they are stealing passwords and accessing your computer without permission.

By far the worst tech support is the one I have for my cell phone. I have to keep hanging up, and calling back, because I get the ones that DO NOT understand English. One guy, kept repeating: “I understand you mam”, over and over. Guess what? HE DID NOT understand. When you out-source jobs, and sent them over-seas you can cause a lot of problems. I’m not gonna name any names…T-Mobile, ( ooops) YOU ARE THE WORST. When are we going to give some of these jobs back to jobless Americans?

Oh heck. I sound like Michael Moore. He is one crusader who makes a valid point. His documentaries are funny and illuminating. Yet, has he stopped the outsourcing of American jobs?? NO! It’s because we are trying to do everything CHEAPLY, and when you do that, WE ALL pay a very high price.

I think they should find the S.O.B. who created these viruses, and have them work for the government. We can use these Nerds to stop our enemies. It sounds like they may already be doing this. At least someone is going to be gainfully employed…


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