Frustration is making me pull my hair out


headache Oh boy is this guy having a bad day. Well I’m very sympathetic. Today I went to my computer and I can’t get into my email account… I have no idea what happened. I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but all my links are gone, and I really wanted to get into wordpress, access my friends’ accounts, and do some writing. Now this . No email. It’s not like the snail-mail works for me these days either.

Are there some techno-geeks that can help? No?? Of course not, nobody is reading this. Tech support is a dead end, and I probably erased the account. I’m not sure how it happened. No email will sign me up. Grrrrr. It’s the Nigerians, I know it’s them. They took my emails away. (If you have to blame someone it may as well be the Nigerians.)

Oh heck. For once, I’m at a loss for words. I’d write something more colorful, but this site is rated G.    🙂

This update, just in, I retrieved my emails. It was NOT a Nigerian cyber attack. It was the ALIENS. They were beaming particle z beams into my skull with such force, that when prompted, I forgot my user name. This forced a shut down to my system. When they ceased the relentless bombardment of rays, I once again returned to normal, and retrieved all mail. (It didn’t happen exactly that way, I may have embellished a bit.) The good news is, I can communicate with cyber geeks worldwide now. What a relief!


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