The art of Relaxation


monk There is a lot to be said about relaxation. It is the ability to be at peace with oneself. Often it is a state of mind that is hard to achieve, especially in the hustle and bustle of a hectic life. However if we don’t LEARN the art, it can catch up to us and make us ill.

A state of relaxation requires, a quiet spot, getting away for all distasteful distractions, and allowing your mind to be still. Observe the monk in this photograph. Chances are he has learned the art of relaxation. The picture gives off an air of solemn contemplation. He looks happy even though I can not see his face.

It is perfectly OK to day-dream. In fact, day- dreams are considered healthy by most esteemed members of the medical community. A psychologist once told me, that if you don’t allow yourself to day-dream, it can affect your mental health in an adverse way. I enjoy my day dreams, because I have full control of the outcome, unlike my dreams at night. I can invent situations, meet people I’ve never met, and travel anywhere in the world. The best part about these day dreams is I don’t have to buy a plane ticket, worry about flight cancellations and delays, nor do I have to be crowded into “coach” like a sardine in a can.

I spent a lot of time as a child wrapped up in the fantasy of day dreaming. Perhaps that is why I love to write, creating a vivid scene in my head is not difficult. I have certainly developed quite the imagination. There is a down side day-dreams, when you’re a kid, the teachers eventually notice, and they yell at you to pay attention. If I did not have my ability to day-dream, I would NEVER have stayed awake in math classes.

The up side of day-dreams is that it connects you to a universe of your own making. You can choose the characters yourself, the setting, and the entire outcome. It’s like being the Director, producer, and lead actor of your own movie. When you are feeling powerless, a good day-dream will give you the control you lack. So if life is getting you down, dream on my friend… My wish for you is to keep dreaming, keep smiling, and relax your way to a healthier you.


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