The Aliens are coming, The Aliens are comming!


alien being They are not pretty. They are not cool. What they are, is scary. This “artist’s depiction” would terrify anyone. Yet people are reporting seeing them again and again. The government has ignored the pleas of many who want answers. Do I think the government is working with an alien civilization in exchange for leading advances in technology? Ah, maybe. I’m not sure exactly.

Here is something that is really creepy, I mean REALLY REALLY CREEPY… A few very distinguished channelers, psychics and sensitives think that soon, very soon, we will be seeing alien creatures on earth. One man has been told that a quarantine had been stopping visitations from the alien beings, but now, it has been lifted. In other words the Intergalactic Federation of Planets has lifted its ban on Earth as a great “Vacation Spot”.

Normally, I would say, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Believe me, it isn’t the most ridiculous thing. The most ridiculous thing is the story that was told over and over at MUFON meetings. A small, brownish, alien creatures was seen running around uptown Sedona, in broad daylight. These people aren’t all crazy. Apparently several people saw the creature. They said he looked frightened.

Sedona Arizona is known for kooky people, and weird stories, but come on, I’ve heard these stories about Sedona long before I moved here. The Red Rocks are known for the vortexes, and these swirly bits of energy seem to draw these strange entities. Have I seen an Alien myself? No. In fact, a lot of people claim to be ALIENS, but they are just delusional. Frankly, if I were from another galaxy, I would not vacation on Earth. The inhabitants are violent, prone to anger, and most of ’em smell bad. (I know a guy who never takes a bath, and the hippie girls won’t use underarm deodorant.) We must smell REALLY bad to aliens.

Visiting stinky humans is not at all appealing. What would an alien do once he got here? Would he try to talk to a human? We are so primitive compared to a being from an advanced civilization. It makes no sense. It would be like me trying to have a conversation with a stick.

Give it up space people. Don’t come here. We smell bad. Some of us are rude. If you came up to us, we’d just scream in your face, then run away. That’s pretty rude, wouldn’t you say?


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