My experiences with UFO’s


ufo I used to be like the average person. UFO’s may seem real, but I’d rather reserve comment until I actually SEE a UFO. It wasn’t until recently, that I actually saw some with the aid of night vision glasses.

I called a UFO researcher whom I’d met at a MUFON (Mutual UFO network), meeting and asked if I could go on one of his “Night Tours”. I didn’t get permission to use his name for this blog, so lets just call him B.T. This man is known and well respected in the UFO community, and over the years written several books on the phenomena.

I have a lot of admiration for B.T. because he has been in the field for many years. He’s been a speaker at some of the big UFO conventions, and on occasion speaks at the MUFON meetings. He also has an uncany knack for attracting not only UFO’s, but extraterrestrials. I believe some people out there have been abducted, had micro-chips implanted, and the ET’s  follow them around. Most of the UFO researchers may not even recall being abducted, because the ET’s have plenty of sophisticated ways of causing amnesia in abductees. (Sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi novel, but stay with me.) I believe if you talk about the subject, dream about the subject, and read about the subject, it’s very likely the ET’s have made contact with you. My opinion is that B.T. is being followed, not the other way around.

Over my lifetime, I have had experiences that I can’t explain, but the night I went on the UFO tour was a real eye opener. We got to B.T.’s favorite viewing spot and waited. He pointed to an area to the right of our local “Ghost Town”. (We were about 6 miles or so from the area.) All of a sudden a light appears on a hill where there are no structures. It moves into the sky and does this weird back and forth dance. I have night vision goggles on and it is very clear. It is not a star, airplane or helicopter…It’s just this freaky looking light. Then, all of a sudden there are more of these things dancing in the sky. This was a summer sighting, and I think they are more active during warm weather. I even saw them later, near my home. The same freaky, dancing objects. What do I think they were? No clue.

During the same UFO tour we took photos of orbs, and they are not that easy to catch. It can’t be dust or pollution, because it was a calm night, and we live in a rural spot. I took one photo with hundreds of orbs, the others I caught on camera we one-zies and two-zies. I could not see them with the naked eye, but digital cameras pick them up easily for some unknown reason.

I have also seen UFO’s, while camping in the New Mexico desert at Bandilier National forest. They were in the upper atmosphere, and made erratic turns and twists in the sky. That crazy movement, that can’t be done by conventional aircraft, sets them apart. You’ll know one if you see one. Scientists will tell you it was just a mis-identified plane, helicopter, or satellite. I think they were the real deal, and that we’ve had “visitors” from other galaxies for eons. Who knows? We may be the descendants of space explorers.


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