Have you seen a Sasquatch?


sasquatch I have never seen a Sasquatch. I think that if I saw something twelve feet tall, covered in fur, I would probably totally freak out. I mean if a thing that size, got a hold of you they could snap your bones like a twig. The last thing I would do is go running after it.

The artist who painted this portrait had a working knowledge of what a Sasquatch looks like. They have a head that sort of comes to a point, like the end of a football. The face looks like a man, but is almost completely covered with fur. Apparently, they can run about 30 miles per hour, so I don’t know why in the world people try to chase them. They are very elusive creatures, that is why you are more likely to hear one than see one.

When I heard that they were capable of communicating through speech I was surprised. They have been known to screech, howl, grunt and whistle. At times, they even pick up bits of wood and knock on tree trunks. I believe they are quite intelligent, since no one has caught one so far. What I want to know is, if these cryptozoologists finally capture one, what would they do with it? If they are related to humans, then it should be illegal. It would be like stealing your cousin. Would you put your cousin in a cage? Gee, I hope not!

The Native American people have a great respect for Sasquatch. The White Mountain apache tribe had an odd visitor last year. Apparently a rogue Sasquatch jumped onto someones’ roof. A local woman told me that the thing make quite a ruckus. Sounds crazy, but if you are that big, a roof would not be too far of a leap. I know a bear can climb trees, so why couldn’t the Big Foot easily get onto somebody’s roof?

Can you imagine getting awakened by a loud thumping on you roof, only to find a twelve foot tall Sasquatch messing around up there. What do they weigh? Close to 900 pounds? I can’t imagine what in heck he was thinking. That reminds me of a riddle….”Where does a 900 pound Sasquatch sleep?” Answer: “Anywhere he wants!”



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