Why do monks take a vow of silence?


guy in hood Why do monks in monasteries sometimes take a vow of silence? I think I know the answer. In silence, we can get closer to God. Without the silence, there may be too much chatter, and the mind needs a rest. With rest and calm, the soul opens up and allows us communication with the Almighty. Try getting away from all distractions in life. Take a long walk, enjoy the fresh air, open not just your eyes, but your heart. Then and only then, can you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I have had times in my life, when too much noise, traffic, people, work, stress, etc., can leave me feeling frazzled. Each of us needs to spend time alone in quiet contemplation. The inner silence, has a way of healing the soul. Researchers are now finding out, that spending part of each day meditating is healthy. It may even help us to live longer.

Personally, I don’t think I could live a cloistered life like a monk does. I do however, think that having people pray for the fate of the world each day is a wonderful thing. In fact, I try to support in my own small way, a group of monks in New Mexico. I have visited the monastery, and find the lifestyle to be very austere, yet peaceful in a heavenly way. I give these guys a lot of credit. They pray for all of us. I, in return pray each day for them.


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