My experience with a violent ghost


ghosts Chances are, you are never, going to see a ghost clearly like the one in this photo. However if you are sensitive, you can feel them, hear them, and sense them. If you are really unlucky you can be attacked by one. It is not a common occurrence, but they can use a physical force to hurt someone. From what I have heard, if you were mean during this life, you can be a mean S.O.B. even after you have died.

Several years ago I went to a sacred Indian site somewhere in a remote area of Arizona. After we had left the area, I decided to stop at a souvenir shop. While crossing the parking lot, in broad daylight, I felt someone punch me above my left elbow. I cried out in pain: “Ouch, why did you hit me?” My husband was 15 to 20 feet behind me, he said: “I’m way over here, how could I have touched you?” He was right, he would have had to whack my arm really fast, and run behind me going 60 mph, and believe me, he’s NOT that fast. He doesn’t go around hitting me either, it’s not in his character.

The next day, I had a bruise where I was hit. It was about the size of a silver dollar. It was unmistakably the same place where I felt the punch. The attack was from a “hitch-hiker” type ghost. They attach themselves to you, and for some reason they lash out in anger. I believe he or shall I say it, was probably picked up at the sacred site. Now I try to be more respectful when I feel the presence of a spirit. I silently ask permission to walk in their “space”, and I feel much better for doing so.

Even today, when I went to an Estate Sale, I felt a presence there, and I asked : “May I have permission to enter?” (Again, I said it silently to myself.) I felt it was OK to do so, and I entered the home without disturbing the former resident. Sometimes I have a strong urge to leave certain homes’ because of negative vibes, other times, I feel a peaceful presence. Most spirits do not want to cause harm to others, and often they hang around because they are either confused, sometimes, they are just curious. Whatever the case, it’s really unbelievable when they take a swing at you. When something likes this happens, it has you re-evaluating your belief systems….


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