Be careful what you wish for


dragon-lady I often imagine if I could wish for anything, what I would wish for. Most people would say they want millions of dollars, others say they want 500 more wishes. Too much money can make you go crazy. People who have never had wealth, would not know how to deal with the stress that comes with having tons of cash. You might find yourself with relatives on your doorstep, begging for a “piece of the pie”. Of course the government is going to keep a big chunk of what you have. People you don’t even know will try to scam you out of everything you have, and you will never truly know who your friends are. Do you really think being a milionaire is a good wish?

If I had only one wish, it would be happiness. Being happy is a gift that can’t be measured, bought or stolen by others. Not all of us have the ability to be filled with joy. In fact, I meet a lot of people who are just plain miserable. The sad fact is, they don’t STOP, LOOK, or SEE the beauty that God surounds them with. They forget to greet the sunrise with a smile, to enjoy a baby’s laughter, or stop to smell the lovely aroma of freshly brewed coffee. They are not kind to themselves, and have a complete disregard for others.

What is the secret to happiness? The answer is simple…find out what makes you happy and go do it. Don’t make excuses. Just go do it. You don’t have to chase rainbows and find a pot of gold t do it. You don’t have to ask permission from others. Find out what it is that brings a smile to your face, focus on that spark of joy, and let go.

I hate to say it, but I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people complain about not being happy because they don’t have time. Time? Make time. If you are chained to a job, and work with no rest, there is an answer… Get another job, one that won’t KILL you. You have the key to unlocking a great mystery. Find your bliss. I know it’s not easy, but if you listen to simple wisdom, you will find happiness.

Today I was in Walgreen’s and I had a lady scream in my ear: “Can’t you just let me go in front of you, I’m in a hurry!” I told her:”No, if you can’t wait, go to another line.” (I pointed to the photo department, in hopes she would leave.) She got more angry and loud…”Can’t I just go in front of you, I don’t have time for this!” (I thought she was going to hit me.) Finally the clerk, helped me very quickly and I ran in the opposite direction. Things were getting ugly, just because she was in a rush. Sadly, if she had been polite, and asked calmly if she could go ahead of me in line, I would have said yes. I live in a small town,  this town is so small in fact, there is no need to rush around. You can’t verbaly abuse people in line at Walgreen’s or pester the clerks. Why? We all know each other. We have a sense of “Community”. This stress-cadet who rudely yelled in my ear was obviously from out of town. Oh, did I forget to add, SHE WAS NOT A HAPPY PERSON ? She was an angry, miserable and sad person…

I hope I have shed some light on what it takes to put a smile on your face. It’s starts with having enough self-respect to Love yourself and others. This path is not the easy one. It’s easy to be mean, nasty and rude. Having a forgiving heart is not always easy. Being nice is an art form. A smile? Well… a smile is a gift from the angels. Oh, and if you’re constantly late, and you feel the need to rush around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, try leaving 30 minutes early every day. Trust me, it’s worked for me in the past.


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