My husband had a dream last night


dragon Last night my husband had quite a dream. He was in a math class, studying COMPLEX mathmatical equasions. He was under a lot of stress, because he felt that the class was too advanced and he may be falling behind the other students. The professor asked a question about an element labeled 440 and he gave an answer that was incorrect. A girl in the class tried to also answer, but was also incorrect. (The elemental table lists 44 as Ruthenium). There isn’t one that goes to 440.

Later, after the class was out, my husband overheard two math professors talking. The older of the two, was telling his collegue: “I have discovered a mathmatical formula. When it is written down, and shown to the “Aliens” they will not harm you. He gave the formula to his friend. It looked like this: Dr.79 x E7 = M2

The younger professor asked : “What does this formula mean?” The older and wiser man explained, the formula will prove that you are a dragon. The Alien races hate and fear the dragons, and will leave you alone. The younger man seemed to understand what he was being told and nodded. It was as if they knew they were about to be invaded by an Alien race.

Interpretation: I believe that on some level my husband knows that Aliens exist. He is fearful that without some sort of “Great Power”, we have no control over them.  A dragon symbolizes a mythical creature who has unlimited power, speed and itelligence. So being protected by this kind of magical power makes one feel safe. The math equasion is also significant, because in the dream, it has powers to ward off evil powers.  I think the dream has mystical  elements that are relevant today. Fear always teaches us something about ourselves.


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