How to avoid going CRAZY, or A practical guide toward Sanity


crazy face   LOOK AT THIS GUY…. Obviously he has lost his mind. Do you want to get yours’ back? Read on my friend. First, the body is a Self-healing machine. We don’t have to go nuts. Here is a simple rule…. If you are under attack by stress, trauma, confusion etc., then go to a  place that makes you smile, even laugh. You you don’t have a place, talk to a friend who you find comforts you or someone you find amusing. I remember suffering mental anguish after a divorce and I went to Comedy Clubs. Laughing with others is a fantastic stress reliever.

I like to listen to the Comedy chanels on TV, and even the ones on Sirius radio. A good comedian is someone who can tell a good story and proves to you how ridiculous life can be. Some of my favorite comedians are: Kat Williams, Eddie Murphy, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poler, Craig Shoemaker, Josh Blue (Probably the most hilarious), Amy Schuman, Craig Ferguson, well…. the list is endless. I even love to watch re-runs of Saturday Night Live. Those bits they do on the “FAKE” Jeopardy are so funny they have me in tears.

Each of us has a unique sense of humor. I certainly am not trying to dictate who you should consider funny. Humor is a unique gift given to us by the creator. We are indeed blessed to be able to have it. Certainly comedy has helped me out of many “funks”. I even worked at a comedy club schlepping drinks… It is soooo much more fun being on the stage, as opposed to administering alcohol to a rowdy crowd of people believe me.

I still do my Comedy act from time to time, when asked. If you want to go that route yourself, be forwarned….THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT ! You have to want to be a comedian more than anything else in life. It’s a brutal business. Other comedians are ruthless. Some of the “newbies” may even steal your material, or slam your name out of jealousy. A career in comedy is next to impossible these days, because everyone thinks they’re a comedian, especially after consuming copious amounts of alcohol. What is true about comedy, is that the successful comedians WORK at it, spend many years honing their craft, and often get paid little or nothing. I’ve asked myself many times, “Is it worth it?” The answer is simple: No way Jose. 🙂


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