What I predict for February


mysterious womanHi there to whomever is listening, or should I say reading? Hopefully in February LOVE will be in the air. I have a funny feeling it isn’t going to be peaceful. The Middle East is of great concern, it seems to be a hot bed for violence. I see more protests and angry fighting.
Soon there will be another threat, one we never counted on. North Korea wants to “Flex her muscles” and will be a visible threat. But the worst threat will be a silent one. A mutated form of ebola virus will be unleashed with devastating results. Who or what started it, can’t be traced. Conspiracy theorists will blame a hidden and quite secret organization.
A dimensional shift will cause many otherwise sane people to go a little nuts. It may not be February, but I do think it’s about to happen.
Is there any good news? I think that people will be awakening from their sleep. Many people who have never sought spiritual guidance will be looking for answers. PRAYER will be a great source of comfort at this time.


The month will seem like all the others but the earth shall see increasing rain. The world has been burdened with a drought and soon things will change. Unfortunately, in order to correct the drought, too much rain will cause floods and landslides. If your house is perched on a cliff, it may be wise to relocate. Mother Nature wil be stirred. A dormant volcano in Hawaii will spring to life, and leave a trail of hot ash, lava, and devastation.

As a direct result of unemployment, people in the cities will start to protest. At first a few, then by the summer months , the situation will be critical. The biggest cities will suffer the most, namely New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It will get so bad that the police forces will be strained. For the first time, volunteers will be used to help calm the chaos.


One thought on “What I predict for February

  1. Someone posted I like my own blog and then added, I was vain! If no one reads this then it’s all about me anyway so who cares? Oh by the way if you can’t love yourself, then who will? Hoooo yahhh.

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