The forbidden Portals


portalI have to thank “Playtime” for wakng me up today. The year 2012 was “supposedly the end of us all”. Well folks, they got that wrong. In fact I heard it soooo many times on News chanels, that I thought I might just puke. They were scaring little kids with this junk. I was told by a woman I met that her children were so frightened that they had to sleep in her room at night. No wonder our children are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome!

I was told by my guides that what really will happen, starting in 2012, is the opening of forbidden portals. A portal is a doorway to another dimension that can bring through ANYTHING… This could mean Alien beings, weird animals, space craft, or things that only Stephen King could conjer up in his twisted imagination. The stuff of science fiction has arrived on our doorstep. A portal can exist anywhere and my theory is they can even be created.

Wow…I must sound like a raving lunatic, but bare with me here. A few months back, I was in a meeting in Sedona Arizona and a strange story was told to a group of us. Several witnesses saw a brown skinned Alien creature running through the streets of uptown Sedona. When we asked what it looked like, the answers were vague, but one thing was certain, the creature looked frightened. Gee, I thought, why didn’t that story make the papers? I once worked for a local paper and I KNOW for a fact, if you can’t answer WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, AND WHY, then your editor will NOT run the story….

I believe there are portals opening in Sedona. I think the weird factor is going to accelerate. These creature are coming from other dimensions and it’s going to make a lot of people go “nuts”. They will envade your life & your dreams.


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