Fan of the Paranormal


Hexagram orbIf you have been reading this blog, you may have figured out that I am a fan of the paranormal.

In this photo, you can clearly see a hexagram- like orb. They come in all shapes and sizes and scientists are not certain about what they are. I have taken photos of them in the past…This one I can’t take credit for. Most are not this clear.

I would love to go on another UFO or ghost tour. Where I live the tours are in abundance, since Sedona Arizona, and Jerome are full of “activity”. I have seen some strange, unexplained things in the skies out here. Night vision goggles are very useful. Sometimes things appear in different spectrums of light, that are just not visible with the naked eye. Equipment is expensive, so it’s much more practical to take a tour.

If you feel the “itch” to do this, by all means scratch. It is always fun to explore the world from a different perspective. I enjoyed my UFO tour, and was able to take a ghost tour while in Scotland. In Scotland, we went into the underground tunnels (The same shown on Ghost Adventures). While I did not sense anything unusual, I did sense the graveyards in Scotland are full of wandering souls. If you ever get the chance to visit Europe, go to Edinburgh…It will change your life.


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