A Real and very creepy story


crazy geekThis happened to me sometime in the 80’s. I was quite the “Free Spirit” back then. One thing I wanted more than anything else was to live in Taos New Mexico. If you don’t know where the heck that is, well, you should get out a map and go there because it is a gorgeous area. The only drawback to the place is it’s remote location.

I decided to go to “The Gathering of the Nations POW WOW” in Albuquerque. I believe it was April…don’t quote me, maybe it was May. Anyway, I was dropped off by a friend to see the event. He told me he’d return, yet never did come back to pick me up. So there I was surrounded by 30,000 or so Native Americans, most of whom were in full dance gear, and I was one of the only caucasion-looking people in the joint. Oh boy, did I stick out like a sore thumb!

After many hours of loitering about, enjoying the dancing, I noticed a guy looking at me. If you have known any Indian people, staring is NOT what they do. Usually, to look into someones’ eyes it’s considered RUDE! (Especially for my Navajo friends.) Yet this guy, keep looking. So I asked him why he was looking at me. He told me he liked to observe people around him, and we struck up a conversation. He told me his name, and mentioned that he lived in Taos.

After it turned dark, he and I left the POW WOW. I asked where he was staying and he said he was camping out in his car. He had an old Ford T-Bird that was pretty beat up, and had seen better days. I told him he could spend the night on my couch, and he agreed. The next day, my new friend Ron Red Horse, invites me to go back with him to live in Taos. I was naive, bored, and hungry for a new adventure, so I said yes. Little did I know what a big mistake I was getting myself into.

We ended up renting a house, and he never gave me one penny for rent. He told me he’d help out, but he was a clever liar. Next week I’ll pay half the rent…blah blah blah (never happened). In the meantime Mr. Red Horse was mean and violent. He often left the house and stayed overnight somewhere else. (He did have a girlfriend, I found out later). So after living with him for about 2 miserable weeks, and him eventually telling me he was going to get married, I decided to leave. The sad part is, I had no phone. I was the only one paying rent, so I never had my phone turned on. (There was a $50. activation fee)

So I needed to get away from this creepy guy. I decided to plug in my phone (even though it was never activated).
I needed to get the hell away from a maniac, I was in a desolate area, so I tried the phone anyway. Then the miracle happened. I got a dial tone! The first thing I did was make a reservation to go back to California. My ticket would be waiting for me at the airport. I unplugged the phone and did a happy dance. Just for grins, I decided to plug the phone in, just minutes after my call. Guess what??? NO DIAL TONE. I believe the angels protected me by allowing me to escape. The very next day I flew home.


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