A Dream about Trees


TreesThis dream occured on June 2, 2008. It was quite profound, so I thought I would share it…

In this dream I was with my husband who is a full blooded Apache. He and I were out walking in the forest. We looked toward the sky and spotted this fantastic tree. It reached so far into the sky that you could not see the top of it. The tree tops were circled by mysterious looking clouds. This tree seemed to have a strange life force that “pulled” us toward it.

Next to the tree was what appeared to be an empty house, since there was no indication anyone lived there. The back door was open, so we stepped inside. An Asian man walked up to us and asked: “What are you doing in my house?”
We explained to him, that the house looked abandoned, and that the back door was open. He seemed to be OK with our explanation and then he motioned to us to looked out back. In his back yard, there was a group was of Native Americans in full dress. I’m talking about head dress, full leather regalia, beaded necklaces, mocassins, and face paint. They looked like “The Old Ones” or the Native Spirits of long ago.

We told the Indians how much we loved the tree. They explained it was a sacred tree and had magical powers. We were also told that if you climbed to the top, amazing things would happen. We were instructed how to climb to the top of the magnificent tree, so we eventualy got to the top. A different world existed up there. The air was fresh, the sun shone on our faces, and we were in a place of indescribable beauty. There is no way to adequately describe our feelings of total bliss.

(INTERPRETATION) This was a portal to a different realm. It was part of our world, yet separate from it. The tree symbolized a separate dimension that we mere mortals can not see. The fact that the Native Americans showed us the way was significant. It could mean that they were part of a great mystery since they were the “gate-keepers” to the heavenly realms. If it were not for the Indian people we would never have discovered the gate into this magical world. The dream also signifies how we often don’t see what is right in front of us. The dream taught me how to truly “see” with a new set of eyes.


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