Why are people losing their grip on Reality?


crossed eyesFor the answer to why people are going crazy lately and losing their grip on reality, I asked my favorite Saint. I meditated and asked Joseph Desa of Cuppertino…

His response was: Ah child, the great question that all the world is now asking. Why all the shootings, protests, and rampant violence? This type of nonsense has never gone away. It has been here since the dawning of mankind. I am not saying that it is a necessary part of life. It is an aberration.
There exist in each man good and evil. For some the choice is a daily struggle. The only possible way to fight the violence is to teach our children love and forgiveness, and give them a refuge when they seek help. The mentaly ill, who commit crimes of violence are not given adequate consideration. These people need easy access to councelors, nurses, and doctors.
The government believes that stripping people of guns is the answer. Have we forgotten about other ways man can commit violent acts?
God loves us. Unfortunately people have turned their backs on God. Prayer has been taken from schools, and we leave our children with electronic babysitters; television, computers, games, and videos. Children are mixed up and angry. If we want a more perfect world, we must help the children. Our beloved children need more love, and nuturing supervision. It will be a struggle. We should all fight to get our children out of the grips of the devil.


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