Recent automatic writing


doorway moonThis message was received recently by a gentleman from our past. I would say he lived in the late 1700’s or perhaps the 1800’s. His message came to me after I had been meditating about how painful my past dating life had been…

Here are his words…

The forebearance of suitors is often a hinderance. When a man seeks a woman, he has little thought of the outcome. Often he “hunts” the female as if she were wild game, with little or no thought about her feelings.
The woman may fall hopelessly in love, these creatures are so often easily “smitten”. Alas, to her dismay, her suitor often falls short of what she truly wants; stability. These men have NO loyalties! Woe unto you, who seeks a suitor. For the suitor is often an empty headed heathen with no concerns other than his own. If a woman were to find a match, they may as well stay home and gaze into a “Looking Glass”.

Take heart, for sometimes a man does come along who is your soulmate. It can happen… Yet the truest story, is that women often settle for an uncouth “ape” because the nesting instinct is so strong. Perhaps you are laughing to yourself. These words seem callous, even mean spirited. Your laughter means one thing only. I have come terrifyingly close to the truth.


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