painted eyeI am a gifted seer . It sounds a bit weird, I know. I can see into the future, and I thought I might share my thoughts and predictions as I have been getting them, For the past 2 years I have been using automatic writing to predict some pretty amazing things. At first I thought it was some sort of mild psychotic break, yet the strangest thing started to happen, my predictions started coming true. Around 2010, I got a clear message that there would be tornadoes in New York…Hah! That could NEVER happen, yet by 2012 it was starting to happen.
I also keep a dream log to help me with messages I receive during sleep. At the end of the dream, I evaluate and interperate the dream. The Talmud, which serves as a foundation of the Jewish religion, extensively discusses the purpose of dreams. The authors of the Talmud clearly recognized the importance of dreams. They allow our personal development to thrive. Yet to dream my friends, is not enough. Your dreams MUST BE INTERPRETED. The Talmud states: “An uninterpreted dream is like an unopened leter from God.”

I have gotten a few interesting comments since I started this blog. I have come to the realization, that all of us are effected by strange events at one time or another in our life. Perhaps I’m a bit strange, but the weird and wacky things in life draw me in like a magnet. I remember the time I first encountered a ghost, and how it made me wonder just how many confused souls are out there.

One beautiful summer day, I went to visit my friend John who was working in a mortuary. I remember how insanely uncomfortable I felt. I could even smell the odor of slightly decayed flesh, even though I know they tried spraying a floral scented deordorant in the air to disguise it. Yuck! Anyhow, we were in the chapel area and I could see a little old man sitting in the pew. He was not clearly visible. I told John that I could see a man in the third pew, and we both went over to the spot. He put his hand on the spot I indicated and it was icy cold! I will never forget John’s words: “This spot right here is ice cold, and I haven’t had the air conditioner on all day!” That day, we both became believers in ghosts.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Your blog triggered another “contact” dream.

    The government was preparing me for a job. I was being shuffled into different rooms and then finally driven in an old golden sedan to a garage. There were four of us and we climbed out of the car and stood to the left of the garage door in a tight group. The main government guy pressed a button. The door opened and the car moved into the garage and then the front of the car raised up so that it was now vertical. Suddenly zoomed upward into a space that was dark and had stars in it. There was now a huge night sky instead of a garage roof. Immediately, a platform descended and three aliens with very bumpy skin and glowing eyes were on it, ready to disembark. Meanwhile, the tight group of people I was with were shaking uncontrollably with fear. Even the guy from the government! I was scared, too, but I wasn’t shaking. But it still freaked me out and I woke up. Like this dream, I am certain that when I was visited in a previous dream, I am being slowly introduced to alien contact so that I won’t be frightened when it actually happens.

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