How to see the unseen world


eye of GodI asked in meditation how to get answers, especially spiritual ones. This is what I was told:

First close your eyes. Sit ALONE, so there are no distractions. Head straight up, slow your beathing, get totally relaxed. Now picture a pin point of gold light in the distance. Imagine the light growing larger and larger. When it is large enough to wrap your arms around it, breathe in the LOVE that emanates from the glowing light. It is pure, unconditional Love.

Walk around the light. Inside the light you will meet your spirit guide. Take his or her hand, and allow them to lead you into another realm. You are now in another dimension. It is beyond your imagination in beauty. This is the visionary world.
Ask questions and direct them to your guide and he will answer you gently. Only share your revelations to those who are ready to listen. Don’t share with those sceptical minds who will only mock you. For you have been given a gift, this should be only be revealed to open-minded souls who are free of judgement.


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